Scene Study Intensive III: On-going

Prerequisite: Professional Scene Study II: Self Adjustment

This ongoing class is meant for acting students who have taken Professional Scene Study I and II and wish to continue to practice their craft at The Barrow Group.

Scene Study III focuses on a deeper and more precise understanding of the individual tools taught at TBG, the theory behind them, and how and when to use them. To this end, students are often asked teach the tool. The process of having to teach the tool helps them clearly define the tool for themselves. The result is a more impactful application of the tools in their own work.

This class also focuses on getting to the second “go” on the first try. Before the first go, students are sometimes distracted and self-conscious. They forget to take a moment to remind themselves what they are working on. In this class, students explore taking a moment before starting to ask themselves, ‘What am I there to do?’, or ‘what might I be doing in the space?’ or ‘What just happened?’.

Finally, Scene Study III explores in-depth the idea of self diagnosis and adjustment while playing, which ties into a larger conversation about the value of being a self generating, collaborative artist.

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