11/30 – Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop


Theatre of the Oppressed will also present an Intro Workshop on Monday, November 30th at  6:30pm.

 Register for the workshop. All Barrow Group community members welcome to register.

Theatre of the Oppressed is an interactive, physical and playful tool used to investigate situations in which we are denied our basic rights, personally and collectively. Participants use theatrical debate, through games and scenes, to uncover the many possible alternatives to real-life challenges. This workshop provides an introduction to the games, exercises and improvisations that make up the core tools of Theatre of the Oppressed, inspired by Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire’s work. By imagining and rehearsing solutions together onstage, we prepare ourselves to take action offstage.
Facilitated by Becca Lynch, Liz Morgan and members of the Covenant House Troupe youth ensemble.