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It Was a Blast!

Two students perform a scene in front of their classmates and a sold-out audience!

Did you know TBG had Improv classes?

Samantha Evans and Chris Roberti teach the Improv classes for adults at TBG.

(We also have Improv classes and camps for Youth!)

“I love teaching Improv at The Barrow Group! My students have cited wanting to get out of their comfort zone, building confidence, practicing being present, and, most importantly, playing, as big reasons that draw them to class.

It’s an absolute pleasure to witness folks explore new characters and scenarios together while building an ensemble. While I stress that being funny is not required, classes do tend to be a lot of fun!”

– Samantha Evans, TBG Teaching Artist


“Folks are surprised to learn they don’t have to be clever or smart to have fun and do well in improv – they just have to listen and be themselves.

“Yes, And…” is not only the foundation of improv, but also, I think. the foundation of all creativity, so there’s a lot of healthy crossover between improv and other arts, and of course, just being a good person.

Improv is about play – it’s joyful, accepting, and exciting.”

– Chris Roberti, TBG Teaching Artist

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