Online Personal Finance and The Artist Life Jimmy Farino

4/5 – Online Personal Finance and The Artist Life


Join us for a free community event!

A financial seminar specifically designed for the creative person with TBG community member Jimmy Farino.

The following questions will be addressed….

What is the most common financial mistake made by performing artists?
What makes the most successful investor?
Who are your friends in the world of finance?
Who is better at separating you from your money – a used car salesman or your bank?
How can you find affordable apartment (rent v own) in NYC?
Are credit cards your friend or foe?
Do you really know how unemployment works?
The stock market and/or real estate?
Are you “positioned” for financial success?

Jimmy Furino has a BS in Music & Business from NYU. He is unlicensed, unemployed,
and unapologetically financially successful. If you are a creative person and been
frustrated by unstable finances and the “taboo of money” in general, Furino
understands because he has been there. He will share insights, explain strategy and
reveal everything he did NOT learn in business school – and it just may reshape your financial future.

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