Portrait of actress Lee Brock

Words from Lee Brock

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March is Women’s History month—a time to celebrate women’s contributions to culture, history and society.  Civic leaders like Kamala Harris, brilliant writers like Amanda Gorman, entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey, and countless lesser-known performers and creative artists regularly inspire all of us. 

I have had the pleasure of attending David Diamond’s Artist Conversations on Friday afternoons where I’ve heard: Emily Mann, former Artistic Director of the McCarter Theatre, offer wisdom about the creative process; Hana Sharif, Artistic Director of The Repertory Theatre of Saint Louis speak about creating change by winning hearts and minds; and Natalia Kaliada,  Co-Artistic Director of the Belarus Free Theater, share her harrowing tales of running a theater company in Belarus while in exile. I stand in awe of all the moms I know who are teaching their children on their beds while trying to work and get dinner on the table. I marvel at all the nurses and doctors who are saving people’s lives during this time.  Women are amazing. They are the glue of society. 

The Barrow Group has been my Artistic Home for over thirty-four years. I am beyond fortunate to have been touched every day by the amazing artists who have come through our doors.

This month, we’ve planned a few events designed to support and nurture women.  Our First Fridays@TBG event on March 5th, hosted by Arielle Beth Klein, will concentrate on new work by women, transwomen, non-binary femme, and anyone who identifies on the spectrum of femininity.  F.A.B., The Barrow Group’s developmental wing dedicated to work for, about, and by women, will present an evening of original work on March 19th (a huge shout out to Christine Cirker for all of the time, energy and love she has given to these artists).  

I also want to celebrate TBG staff members Farrah Crane, Candace Clift, and Quinn Vogt-Welch for keeping everything running with grace at The Barrow Group. They inspire me everyday. 

May we continue to support and nurture our women artists. These extraordinary times provide an amazing opportunity to look forward with hope.