Lee Brock

ICYMI – Lee Brock’s Column: The 4 P’s of Acting

Doug GoldringCommunity, Press

Nearly eight years ago, TBG’s founding co-artistic director Lee Brock wrote a five-part series of guest columns for Backstage.com’s “Backstage Experts” feature.

Her third piece, entitled “The 4 P’s of Acting” was published on January 22, 2016.

Lee gives her take on the fundamentals of the acting journey, and shares that “One of the great pleasures of our chosen field is that it gives us the opportunity to get better and better with age. I find it comforting to know that the best may be yet to come.”

This business can feel so complex, and so challenging, but Lee’s advice reminds us that acting is a journey, and a rewarding one at that.  One where growth is always possible, often by returning to the simple things.

Read the full blog here to, as always, be inspired by Lee’s words.