17 minutes

Broadway World Gives 17 Minutes a 5-Star Review!

Doug GoldringPress, Production

The reviews are rolling in for TBG’s production of 17 Minutes at the Edinburgh Fringe, and the latest is a glowing 5-Star Review from Broadway World.

TBG co-artistic director Lee Brock gets special note, as L Gourley writes in the piece that “The standout performance is Lee Brock as grieving mother Cecilia Bauserman, evoking tears from the audience with her rage-filled and nihilistic soliloquy as she seeks to apportion blame to every individual and system that led to her son’s murder. It’s made all the more powerful by the knowledge that this speech and her tears represent so many real people across the US impacted by such violence.”

We could not be prouder of Lee, of playwright Scott Organ, of director Seth Barrish, and of the wonderful TBG actors who make up the remainder of the cast!

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