Sleepwalk with Me at SXSW Film Festival – so popular organizers are having to turn fans away…


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Here’s a fun teaser:

Interviewer:  “Another thing that really stood out: your performance. You’re ostensibly playing yourself — which is hard in itself — and you had to balance acting with your duties as a first-time filmmaker. Not the easiest of tasks, I imagine.”

Mike Birbiglia:  “Pretty early on in the process I brought on Seth [Barrish] who directed plays, my one-man show. He’s a real kind of acting guru. He wrote a book about acting, he’s an artistic director of a theater company in New York called the Barrow Group, so he teaches acting. I really wanted him to guide my performance and really just keep an eye on it. He and I worked together for a long time, we know how each other works and thinks really well. So, my fear during the film and editing the film was not that I would mess up colossally, but that I would mess up in small, key places which would have a ripple effect on the film. Moments where you really have to bring it as an actor to make people believe they’re experiencing this with you. If not, you’re just setting yourself up for people just jumping on your performance. Like, “This is ridiculous! This guy should have gotten another actor!” [Laughs] That kind of thing. So, Seth was extraordinary in that way.”

Way to go everyone!