Lee Brock: Surrender

Doug GoldringCommunity

I am standing on top of a ridge at thirteen thousand feet after hiking a bit with my skis on my shoulder.  My son wants to start the day off with the deepest powder.   I haven’t done this run in years and not with this much powder.  I throw my skis down and pop into the bindings. 

My heart’s beating a little fast as we traverse across the top of the ridge and stop to assess our journey down. I plant my poles and adjust my goggles. I breathe deeper to calm my beating heart. 

I push off and plant my pole and make the first turn. The snow has kissed the mountain deeply. I set my edges and enjoy the turn, the mountain, the feather-light snow, and the crisp, thin air.  I make another turn and another.  My body knows what to do.  I relax and let the skis do the work.  I let something else take over. 

I reach the bottom and look up and see my children skiing in this magnificent basin.  As I watch them maneuver themselves through the snow my thoughts drift to acting.

Skiing and acting have so much in common.

In both cases, you need to know the technique. Know your lines and blocking. Respond to what is being given to you in the moment. Play with the elements. Respond to the stimulus.


Let go and enjoy the ride.

When we surrender to an experience something wonderful happens, something beyond the plan.

Let surrender come into play.

– Lee

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