Lee Brock: Compare and Despair

Doug GoldringCommunity

Today I had a conversation with a fantastic artist.

He mentioned, “I’m having some issues with Compare and Despair.”


“I just heard a song a guy wrote, and I think it’s better than anything I’ve ever written.”

“But you are so talented and have accomplished so much!”

He shrugged his shoulders, “Whatever.”

It’s easy to look at other artists and think they’re more talented and, in turn, doubt our own potential and shut down.  Of course, there will always be people who are better than you at any particular thing, and, conversely, you will be better than other people at some things.

I think comparing ourselves to others is not all bad.  Other artists provide inspiration.  We learn from them, imitate them, and, in doing so, expand our own capabilities and modes of expression.

Thank God Mozart existed.  We may never be able to do what he did, but his genius may lead us to new horizons.

– Lee

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