1/2 Year On-Camera Immersion Program

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This program is designed to provide an immersion into the craft of acting on camera, creating film content, and culminates in a professional film shoot to provide each student with a short scene to be used for a reel. The program is taught by TBG-trained teachers, as well as various industry guests to bridge the gap from training to profession.


Acting and Audition Technique: In the first 6 weeks, students will work on camera with film/tv scripts as The Barrow Group acting tools are introduced. These tools, as found in Seth Barrish’s book An Actor’s Companion, highlight quick and powerful ways to make your performance more natural and spontaneous. Next, students focus on prepared and cold read audition techniques by working with lead, guest star, and under-5 roles using film/tv scripts. The students will review material filmed in class during a playback session.

Industry Guests: During the next 5 weeks, students are introduced to industry professionals to bridge training with working professionally. Guests will include: a film/tv director who will help students to transition from classroom work to working with a director on set; an editor who will provide an overview of the editor’s role on a project; a script supervisor who will explain how actors work with them on a set and give tips as to how actors can avoid continuity issues when filming.

To support the students work as content creators, industry guests will include: a director of photography who will give an overview of their work and detail what they need when working with actors; an editor will provide a hands on crash course in editing basics; a screenwriter will teach sessions on writing for on camera; a film/tv producer will share the basics of getting your project organized and completed.

Content Creation: During the next 7 weeks, students will explore content creation and filmmaking. Students will shoot 5 scenes/shorts with different teams, giving them hands-on experience with script writing, producing, directing, acting, and editing short scenes. The first two scripts will be developed and filmed in class, with an industry guest facilitating. The three following scripts are shot outside of class with an industry guest providing feedback on each group’s work.

Material for a reel: The program culminates with students working on a professional set, where they will be filming  1-1.5 minutes scenes written specifically for each student, that can be used for their reel. The class will screen the final scenes at TBG.

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