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The Barrow Group School

Led by TBG co-Artistic Directors Seth Barrish (https://barrowgroup and Lee Brock (https://barrowgroup, The Barrow Group School, located in New York City, offers professional and emerging artists training in acting, directing and playwriting.  View descriptions of our school’s adult classes here. (https://barrowgroup We also offer kids, tween and teen performing arts camps and classes (https://barrowgroup Workstudy and apprentice programs are available for students of merit.

At the heart of the Barrow Group Approach is the desire to promote clear and concise tools of the trade.  These tools are outlined and published in “An Actor’s Companion – 99 Bits of Craft” (https://barrowgroup by Seth Barrish, TBG’s founder and co-artistic director.

“I walked through the doors of The Barrow Group and rediscovered not only joy in Acting, but an essential belief in myself.”

Martin Moran
Martin Moran
OBIE Award Winner

"TBG exorcised the 'work' of acting and finally brought back its true intention– 'play'. I'd say that was my most significant training.”

Tony Hale
Tony Hale
Emmy Award Winner

"TBG was really the institution that taught me how to act. I worked with the best teachers, who taught me why less is really more."

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway
Academy Award Winner

The Barrow Group Approach

The Barrow Group School offers techniques designed to do the following:

  • Encourage spontaneity.
  • Foster entertaining, human, and compelling behavior.
  • Help you become more sensitive, imaginative, responsive, and alive onstage
  • Relax you.
  • Change your work effortlessly and invisibly (so the audience won’t detect any effort on your part and therefore will feel like they are watching a real person rather than an actor “working”).
  • Bring more freedom to your work.

In a nutshell, here are TBG’s beliefs about acting:

  • Acting is easy.
  • Acting is most exciting when it is spontaneous and moment-to-moment.
  • Unplanned behavior is usually much more interesting than planned behavior.
  • Relaxation is the key to many of the things we strive for.
  • The best technique is invisible.
  • The best technique leaves us free (free to imagine, free to respond, free to feel, free to whatever).
  • We don’t think there is one “way” to approach acting. It’s about finding whatever works.

Courses Offered

Adult Acting, Directing and Playwriting Classes

Adult Acting Programs

Kids Classes

If you have any questions, please email (school null@null barrowgroup

Read about the Barrow Group School’s acting classes, directing classes, workshops and teacher training programs here.