First Fridays on December 7th

Emily Reeder Community News, Student / Alumni News

Our popular First Fridays @TBG continues this fall with FREE school curated events and performance opportunities for TBG students.

December 7th: Unscripted Stories at 6pm

Come tell us a story about you! The theme is The Tricky Part in homage to Martin Moran's OBIE Award-winning solo masterpiece, onstage at TBG November 29th thru December 16th. Tell us what "the tricky part" is for you!

Stories must be:
- no more than 5 minutes long
- about you, the storyteller
- true
- told, not read (no notes either!)
 - should have the elements of good storytelling: beginning, middle, end; conflict and resolution, etc

Storytellers - to participate, just show up by 6pm to put your name in the hat. We will select 10 storytellers on the spot for the evening.

If you have any questions, please contact us at