The Barrow Group’s Launchpad Partner Program is designed to serve artists who are ready to pursue their own artistic missions in the performing arts industry. TBG encourages artists to continue using the tools and lessons learned at TBG either through developmental work, classes, or productions, as they enter the broader performing arts industry. Artists who have founded companies as a direct result of their work at TBG are eligible to become a Launchpad partner provided the work of the new company or ensemble continues to align and/or complement with TBG’s mission to tell intimate stories that transform lives for the better.


To offer continued support to artists who have “launched” their own theatre companies as a product of their work or engagement with TBG.

To be eligible to be a Launchpad Partner Company, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Incorporated as a theater company
  • Established mission that aligns and/or complements The Barrow Group’s
  • Originated your founding as a product of work or connections made at The Barrow Group mission
  • Have an established email list of patrons and/or website and social media accounts through which you could engage in promotional exchanges with The Barrow Group

How to Apply:
In order to apply to be a Launchpad partner, submit a proposal letter that includes the mission of your theatre company, the story of how your company’s founding and mission connect with The Barrow Group, and a description of how you think this partnership would be mutually beneficial for you and for TBG. Please also include proof of your incorporation.

TBG will accept Launchpad submissions on a rolling-basis. Launchpad submissions can be emailed to with the subject line “LAUNCHPAD SUBMISSION."

The Barrow Group has limited capacity to admit partner companies and will admit companies only as it is able.