Celebrating 38 Years of TBG!

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On The Barrow Group’s Birthday…

TBG turns 38 this month!

We are so proud to celebrate 38 years of inspiring and enriching lives through the power of storytelling.

Thank you to our entire community, from those who were there when we began in 1986, to those who have only recently come our way, for being the best part of these 38 years.

“38 years — wow — what a blessing that TBG has had the opportunity to enrich and inspire the lives of thousands and thousands of people over the past four decades.  A big thank you to all of the individuals — artists, staff, trustees, consultants, students, patrons, donors, and volunteers — who have helped transform TBG into the organization it is today — a vibrant, creative home that seeks to engender light, kindness, and community.  Congrats to you all!”
– Robert Serrell, Executive Director

Our Leaders…

“Happy 38th Birthday to The Barrow Group.

I am grateful for 38 years of inspiration from everyone who has come through our doors. Many magical moments have been created by thousands of artists.

May The Barrow Group continue to enlighten and inspire for many more years to come.

I am grateful for Seth Barrish who called me 38 years ago and asked me if I wanted to be a part of a theater company.”

– Lee Brock, Co-Artistic Director

At The Beginning…

“On April Fool’s Day 1986, ten intrepid actors met to explore approaches to acting and directing that would maximize spontaneity and reality, and, in turn, give audiences extraordinary experiences.  Here we are thirty-eight years later, now a massive community of thousands of performing artists and patrons, still doing the same thing.  It all keeps getting better and better!  Happy Birthday TBG!  And a huge shout out to all our founding members and alums!!!”

– Seth Barrish, Co-Artistic Director

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