Tricia Alexandro

Tricia Alexandro was last seen at The Barrow Group in Perp and The Unrepeatable Moment (the New York Times described her performance as “boldly acted; a high point of the show”), and in a one-woman show she wrote called Snapshot, directed by Seth Barrish, with music by Peter Eldridge. Additional credits include: We, the Invisibles at The Humana Festival (ATL), The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe (Cape May Stage), and The Goddess (Looking Glass Theatre). Alexandro is a member of The LAByrinth Theater Company’s Intensive Ensemble and Bob Krakower’s Manhattan Film Institute. She regularly performs monologues she’s written at Naked Angels Tuesdays at 9, and Bowery Poetry Club. Her latest films include: CODA, Dinner & DNA (Big Apple Film Festival), and Kumquat Kelly