Barrow Group Teachers

Seth Barrish and Lee Brock are the founders of the Barrow Group Acting Approach.

What makes The Barrow Group Acting School (https://barrowgroup from many other studios in NYC is that all of our teachers have trained in and teach the Barrow Group Acting Approach.  So if you are taking a class with a teacher other than Seth or Lee, that teacher has trained for years at The Barrow Group Acting School, has studied as a teacher trainee, and has been designated to teach in our school by Seth.

To become a Designated Barrow Group Acting Teacher, read about the training process here (https://barrowgroup


·  Seth Barrish
·  Lee Brock
·  Chris Wells
·  Eric Paeper
·  Ron Piretti
·  Stephen Singer
·  Barbara Garrick
·  Jean Taylor
·  Robert Serrell
·  Alyson Schacherer
·  K. Lorrel Manning
·  Shannon Patterson
·  Lyndsay Miller
·  Mark Grenier 
· Martin Van Treuren
· Sidse Plough
· Farrah Crane
· Elizabeth Bennett
· Quinn Vogt-Welch


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