The Barrow Group Teaching Artists

All of The Barrow Group’s teachers have gone through intensive teacher training with Barrow Group master teachers, to ensure the highest quality experience for students.  To become a teaching artist at TBG, read about the training process here.

Tricia Alexandro

Justin Barrett

Seth Barrish

Elizabeth Bennett

Lee Brock

Christine Campbell

Candace Clift

Farrah Crane

Samantha Evans

Tony Gillan

Mark Grenier

Arlene Hutton

Lunie Jules

Michael Giese

Doug Goldring

K. Lorrel Manning

Katherine Neuman

Blaire O’Leary

Eric Paeper

Scott Organ

Shannon Patterson

Andres Peterson

Ron Piretti

Sidse Plough

Alyson Schacherer

Julia Ryan

Robert Serrell

Stephen Singer

Edward Stanley

Jean Taylor

Martin Van Treuren

Quinn Vogt-Welch

Chris Wells

John Yearley

*The Barrow Group also offers specialty classes with adjunct instructors from time to time. These instructors are always carefully chosen, to ensure that their teaching style is in line with TBG’s philosophy.