Alexander Technique for Actors

The Alexander Technique offers a set of skills and insights about how we think, move and breathe, connecting us to through our senses to our thoughts, feelings and actions. As actors, we can use this method to find more ease and confidence in our bodies by gaining a deeper understanding of how we move. Alexander Technique is useful for syncing up physical expression and vocal freedom. Our habits can be unpacked as we become more efficient in our coordination. Working and living with an attitude of respect for the integration of our needs or beliefs with our physicality is the essential core of Alexander’s principles.

People who use the Alexander Technique have presence. They have that special kind of ease that comes from letting go of habits and living with less stress. They have more energy and speak with an authentic voices. They feel freer because they know they have choices. Responsible for themselves, they are more responsible partners at work, at home and in their communities.

Alexander Technique is a straight-forward set of principles about how we think, move and breathe, the Alexander Technique is best understood through experience with a teacher, in activities as simple as walking.
By practicing simple reminders and changing your movement skills, you can suspend those habits that lead to stress, strain and a diminished life.

Since its development over 100 years ago, people worldwide have used AT to

  • Change posture habits and rethink what is not working in your posture
  • Avoid strain and recuperate from injuries.
  • Prevent or alleviate problems for computer and cell phone users:  RSI, “text neck”, shoulder pain
  • Prevent chronic back pain.
  • Gain more awareness and enjoyment of movement
  • Learn how to stop rushing through life to feel less anxious and more satisfaction
  • Communicate with an authentic body language and a clear voice
  • Gain precision in the performance of any activity that is important to you (sports, performing arts, parenting)

Alexander Technique
1-Week Intensive

1-Week Alexander Technique for the ActorDates TBA

Alexander Technique: On Breath
4-Week Workshop

Through guided experience, the Alexander Technique brings you into a collaborative, playful relationship with your natural design for movement — freeing up your creativity and releasing tension. Breathing is an essential aspect of your movement.  Along with the motion of breath comes emotional awareness, response, and expression.

As you learn more about your anatomical design for breathing, you will gain key skills for sensing changes in your breath as reflective of your thoughts. Insights into patterns of behavior and emotions are revealed through awareness of breathing patterns. The Alexander Technique offers ways to free yourself from habitual patterns without forcefully manipulating your breath. As you develop a dependable sense of center you will strengthen your breathing coordination naturally. The Alexander work is particularly useful in preparation for using your voice in a healthy manner. You will learn to confidently speak on your breath.

Alexander Technique: On BreathDates TBA