1-Year Professional Actor Craft Expansion Program


Prerequisite: Students must have completed a 1-Year Acting Program.


This follow-up program from our 1-Year Acting Program is designed for Barrow Group students who are well versed in our approach and tools to supplement and expand training.


Sample Curriculum


The year begins with students exploring physical and vocal exercises designed to loosen and free the voice and body so that they can communicate with clarity, spontaneity and power. Students also work with the fundamentals of improvisation, which is an integral element of The Barrow Group approach. Next, students explore movement via Alexander Technique, as a straight-forward set of principals are introduced about how we think, move and breathe. These elements are combined to work on transformation exercises via scene study.

Classes: voice for the actor, improv, Alexander Technique, scene study


The program continues with the expansion of skills by adding dialect, stage combat, and theatrical clown work to play with our own unique ridiculousness, which in turn may transform our habits of restriction into skills of open expression. The culmination of this training is a scene-sharing of transformational scenes in the TBG Studio Theatre.

Classes: dialects, theatrical clown, stage combat, scene study, and culminating performances