2017/18 Season

2017/18 Mainstage Productions

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by Lee Blessing

Our season concludes with A WALK IN THE WOODS by Lee Blessing. Set during the cold war, this play shows us a series of meetings between an American and a Russian Ambassador with clearly different agendas. The play raises the questions of how one can heal the world, what the value of human connection is, and how best to bridge fundamental differences.

March 17 – April 15

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January 2018


by Scott Organ

Our second show is a new play and world premiere by Scott Organ. THE THING WITH FEATHERS is an extraordinary story of forgiveness with a cast of four. It feels almost like a thriller as Scott Organ masterfully spins the tale of a teenage girl who strikes up a relationship with an older man on the internet. Things are not as they seem, however. What appears to be a classic predator tale unravels into a maze of secrets, lies & unexpected truths. As a culture, we are being asked to examine our actions, specifically where power is involved. This play brings that conversation home.

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November 2017


by Torben Betts

Set in the leafy north London suburb of Muswell Hill, a dinner party turns dangerously fraught, yet increasingly comical, as the host and guests rattle their upper middle class complacency to a point of no return. Amidst this domestic disaster, an earthquake in a developing nation rocks the rest of the world. How can they justify their everyday worries in an ever more fragile world?

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