Teacher Spotlight: Dinanda Klaassen

Doug GoldringCommunity, Training

We’d love to introduce you to one of our incredible TBG teaching artists, Dinanda Klaassen! Read our interview with her below…

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

DK: Oooh, so many things! When the class and I are in “the playground.” I often talk about the playground metaphor in my acting classes. It’s amazing when students are themselves and are playing freely. That makes me feel like a happy child.

I also love to get to know my students. It’s amazing to me how kind and supportive everyone is. My students are a constant reminder of how much I love acting and scene work.

As a teacher, I am constantly figuring out how I can help the students in the best way. I love that process. I absolutely love to observe a scene and think: What is the best tool I can throw them? It’s almost like a puzzle that you get totally lost in, in a good way.

What is a TBG tool you love to use in your own acting journey?

DK: To give myself something to do. Because it changes everything in an effortless way.

What is a project that you’ve been a part of that you are proud of?

DK: To be honest, I am proud of my journey in immigrating to the States and that I’ve created a full, creative life here surrounded by a great community of friends, my husband, and my in-laws. I’ve always dreamed of living in two places, and now I do. It’s not always easy, and of course I miss my family and friends in The Netherlands a lot. But I know I made the right choice to follow my heart and dreams.

The last project I worked on that made me proud was Sonnet Café, which I directed in collaboration with Barefoot Shakespeare Company. Shakespeare is where all my passions come together, and it was amazing to create something that was always in my mind to do.

To take a class with Dinanda, try 1-Week Kids Acting Camp (ages 6-9) starting 6/24, 1-Week Kids Musical Theatre Camp (ages 6-9) starting 7/1, or 1-Week Tween Improv and Sketch Comedy Camp (ages 10-13) starting 8/5.

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