Film/TV Acting Classes

“If you are like me, and you like to get the feeling, when watching a play or film or whatever, not that the actor is performing for you, but that you are being let in on a secret viewing of someone’s most private life…if you want to know what it feels like to do that in your work…then The Barrow Group is your place.  And moreover, what they teach is simple, without ego.”
Jennifer Landon, Three-time Emmy winner

Our film/tv classes are professional classes designed for actors with previous training and experience.  If you are a beginner actor, you must begin with our Beginner Acting Class. For acceptance into Professional Film/TV Acting Class I: The Tools, students must audition.

Film/TV Acting Class I: The Tools

6-weeks, $395
Class size limited to 12 students
View: Film:TV Acting Class I Outline

For the first class please have a short, contemporary monologue ready to share. This 6-week on-camera course focuses on film and television scripts and specific tools used in the medium. This workshop highlights quick and powerful ways to make your performance more natural and spontaneous. Limited class size allows for significant feedback and on-camera work.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Instructor: Stephen Singer
Tuesdays, 6:30pm-9:30pm EST, 6-Weeks, $395

Film/TV Acting Class II: On-Going

6-weeks, $395
Class size limited to 12 students
Pre-requisite: Film/TV Acting Class I

This 6-week on-camera course prepares the student for the particular demands and challenges of acting on camera. Students will be introduced to more, and build upon, the Barrow Group tools. Additional focus will be paid to continuity and coverage (i.e. medium shots and close-ups), and how to work on a set.


Film/TV Acting Class III: Shooting Your Reel

8-weeks, $995
Class size limited to 12 students
Pre-requisite: Film/TV Acting Class I, Film/TV Acting Class II, and an application.

This 8-week class begins with further exploration of The Barrow Group tools via scene study, used as a refresher for students before they transition to shooting a scene for their reel. The class will then transition into a partnership with a professional production company that will host a branding workshop and creative session, writing 1-1.5- minute scenes specifically for each student. Students will work on these scenes in class and shoot their reel outside of class time according to their schedules.

Filming will take place on a professional set upon the completion of class (between March 3 – 20th). Please note, this filming will be done in NYC. * We’ve partnered with a professional production company to write, film, and edit the material. This company will schedule each scene’s film dates during the third week of class.

*Depending on Covid-19 updates and regulations from government officials.

Film/TV III: Shooting Your ReelDates TBA