Acting Classes for Adult Beginners

Never Too Late to Start

Have you dreamed of being an actor? Has this hunger fueled you for years, always leaving you unsatisfied with other accomplishments? The Barrow Group’s Acting Classes for Adult Beginners is tailored specifically to your needs. You will be taught the basics of acting, preparing you for auditions, public speaking and seminars. Through your training, you’ll learn self-confidence, self-assurance and the ability to speak in public. You’ll find in these acting classes for beginners that as an adult beginning in the acting world that your maturity and life experience will give you a unique perspective when performing roles.

Finding Your Marketability

You are the sum of your experience. All of this can help you be an extraordinary, unparalleled actor. Your way of reacting to an acting situation will be unique from anyone else’s, and that makes you more marketable than those who have not experienced such things as have you. It’s the way you set yourself apart from the myriad of other actors trying for the same role. Casting directors are always looking for someone who has that special spark who catches their eye with their outside-the-box thinking and skill at performing. The Barrow Group will help you find your niche, and train you to be the best actor you can be with these acting classes for adults.

Maturity is an Asset

Whether you are going for the ingenue, juvenile, leading lady, leading man or character part, you will have the background of your life to help you achieve your goals – along with the training you receive from Acting Classes for Adult Beginners. We will assist you in finding what type of actor you are and what kind of roles are best for you. You can only succeed if you see yourself honestly, and we and your life experience will hold up the mirror. Your behavior in the casting room and in rehearsals, as well as performances, will set you apart from those less mature and childish in their conduct. By showing this maturity from the beginning, you signal to directors, producers and others with casting power that you are a professional and easy with whom to work. This is a great asset when it comes to booking a play, film, commercial, television pilot, etc. Thanks to your behavior and training with us, you will find yourself extremely marketable.

Learning the Ropes

Acting is challenging. It requires complete self-awareness, and an honesty with which not everyone is comfortable. You will find the challenges presented in your Acting Classes for Adult Beginners to be richly rewarding, as you master each aspect, recreating yourself into the perfect actor. The Barrow Group will lead you through everything which is expected of you, whether it be performance skill, or knowledge of the business requirements of booking a role. You will not go into your career unprepared. Studying in New York City, the hub of professional theater, is a daring place, but you are seeking to be the best actor you can be, and to make it in the City. Your training with the Barrow group will give you the necessary skills.