Kids & Teen Acting Classes

“When our son Julian shot his first commercial last year, I was surprised and excited by the honesty and thoughtfulness of his work, and I knew he needed training that would encourage those qualities. The Barrow Group School is the ONLY program I felt would enhance his instincts towards naturalism. It is, hands down, the best training in NYC.”
–Alice Jankell (Julian can be seen in the upcoming film”Lullaby” w/ Amy Adams)

Kids & Teen Classes
· Weekend Teen & Tween Kids Acting Classes
· After-School Teen & Tween Acting Classes
· On-Camera Film/TV Teen Kids Acting Class
· Teen & Tween Summer Acting Programs
· Teen Improv Class
· Teen Playwriting Class
· Teen Monologue Coaching Class
· Teen & Tween One-Day School Holiday Intensives
· Brooklyn NY Kids Acting Classes
· Teen Filmmaking Bootcamp

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TBG Kids Acting Class

The Barrow Group Acting School offers teen & tween acting classes: throughout the year we offer after-school, weekend, and on-camera film/tv kids acting classes; during the summer we offer a more intensive youth acting program.  These classes are taught be experienced Barrow Group actors and teachers.

The Barrow Group Acting School believes that students learn the most in an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, play and support.  These classes teach the basics of acting as well as The Barrow Group Approach to Acting.  Teens and tweens will learn how to break down a script and how to be more natural in their performances.  For more info about a class / program, click on a class below:

·  Weekend Teen & Tween Kids Acting Classes
·  On-Camera Film/TV Teen Kids Acting Class
·  Teen Summer Acting Program
·  Teen Improv Class
·  Teen Playwriting Class
·  Teen Monologue Coaching Class

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Education Robert Serrell at (school null@null barrowgroup