TBG Flex-Pass Tickets

3-Ticket Flex Pass

Get a 3-Ticket Flex Pass for $120! ($40/ticket)

Save $15+!


4-Ticket Flex Pass

Get a 4-Ticket Flex Pass for $150! ($37.50/Ticket)

Save $30+!


6-Ticket Flex Pass

Get a 6-Ticket Flex Pass for $222! ($37/Ticket)

Save $40+!


8-Ticket Flex Pass

Get an 8-Ticket Flex Pass for $288! ($36/Ticket)

Save $70+!


Flexible ticket passes or "Flex Passes" are one great way to see all of The Barrow Group's exciting shows this year. When you purchase a flex pass, you are essentially purchasing a set number of tickets at a discount price, which you can choose to redeem for the performances of your choice. There are no rules about which show you need to use them for or how many tickets can be used on any given night. It really is FLEXIBLE!

What are the benefits of purchasing a flex pass?  

  • Best prices per ticket!
  • More time to make plans! Redeem the tickets at your leisure once you've figured out your schedule.
  • Save a seat for a friend! If you like to have company at a show, you can use your pass tickets to lock in a good price and save a seat for a friend. No need to know who that friend will be ahead of time and make them purchase on their own. Always go with the same person--save even more money and split the cost of a pass together!
  • Use the tickets in any number of combinations! Use all your pass tickets for one performance or spread them out over the season.
  • Avoid the small fees along the way! Pay one fee at the time of purchase but none when you redeem or exchange.
  • There's always more! Run out of tickets on your pass and want to get more? No problem. There's no limit on the number of passes you can purchase.

Pick the pass that's right for you!