Citrin Scholarship Program

Citrin Foundation has generously donated funds for 12 students to study at The Barrow Group this year.

Applications available starting March 1st for our Summer Camps!


-Applicants must demonstrate financial need. *see below

-Applicants must complete the online application, follow all submission guidelines and provide necessary documentation.

For applicants 12 and over

  • Submit a copy of most recent report card
  • Complete a 500 word essay explaining why you are interested in acting and why you are particularly interested in studying at The Barrow Group. Please include what you hope to gain by studying with us.

For applicants age 7 to 11

  • Provide a copy of school attendance report.
  • Submit 3 paragraphs explaining why they are interesting in acting and why they are particularly interested in studying at The Barrow Group.

.All applicants

  • Provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach or any non-family member who can speak to the students merit, character and participation in a group setting.


*We consider a low income family (as classified by the department of Housing and Urban Development) as making 80% or less of AMI. In New York City, this would mean a maximum household income of $72,500 for a family of four, and $62,250 for a family of three.

*Please reach out to if you are unsure if you qualify.