TBG Productions: “Timekeepers”, “Enemy of the People”


At The Barrow Group, we develop sophisticated, yet remarkably simple techniques that increase spontaneity in performance and clarity in storytelling. Through workshops, classes and publications we share these techniques with professional actors, directors, writers, aspiring artists and young people. We utilize these techniques in productions, through which we connect our work with diverse audiences. The Barrow Group serves as the artistic home for a thriving community of artists around the world who share a passion for spontaneous creative expression and clear storytelling. Our goal is to give people a powerful experience that positively transforms their lives.

Board of Trustees

·  David Diamond, Chairman
·  Seth Barrish, co-Artistic Director
·  Lee Brock, co-Artistic Director
·  Robert Serrell, Executive Director
·  Vaughn Buffalo
·  Tony Drazan
·  Tony Gillan
·  Terrence Gray
·  Ryan Hart
·  Andres Petruscak
·  Priscilla Shanks
·  Chris Wells, Faculty Liaison

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