Studio Rental

Student rehearsal bookings:

TBG Studios are full of our programming much of the time. However, when studios are available, we’re happy to accommodate TBG students’ rehearsals for scene study, directing and other classes. Students of other acting studios may also set up an account to book space for acting class rehearsal.

To book student rehearsals call the box office directly at 212.760.2615.

Student Booking notes:

  • Bookings are for acting class rehearsal only (for other projects, see below).
  • Bookings are pending studio availability.
  • Time is limited to 1-3 hours, booked no longer than 2 weeks in advance.
  • Bookings will be put on your account and you will receive emails with confirmation.
  • Booking fees are due at the time of booking. You may log on and pay your balance in advance, once you receive your booking confirmation, or when you arrive and check in on the 3rd floor at TBG. Bookings must be paid before studio use.
  • Fees should be paid for by the person on whose account the space is booked. We cannot charge 2 separate credit cards for one booking.
  • We do not accept cash at the box office.
  • Although we rarely have to do so, we reserve the right to move a booking to another room, adjust the time slightly or cancel it if necessary to accommodate TBG programming changes. In these unusual cases, we will contact you directly, so you can make other arrangements.

Bookings for outside projects:

Occasionally, our studios are available for readings and rehearsals for projects that are not specifically for acting classes. These could include student or self-produced readings, performances or workshops. Note, that the student rate may not be available for these bookings.

For these inquiries, please email (rentals null@null barrowgroup

For information on booking the TBG Main Stage 99 Seat theatre go here: TBG Theatre

The Studio Theatre

When available, our Studio Theatre may be used for small, intimate performances, readings and rehearsals.

When used as performance space it also includes the adjoining room which serves as backstage and dressing area. The Studio Theatre is equipped with a 16 channel 2 scene set up light board, sound mixer and speakers.
Flexible tiered seating can accommodate up to 40.
Size: 25′ x 25′
playing space:  approximately 17′ x 17′
prop storage
practical sink

Teaching/reading and rehearsal rates:
Rate: $40.00
Not for Profit Rate: $35.00

Performance rates and availability:
The Studio Theatre is used for TBG’s own programming, so availability is limited. Weekday evenings are usually only available during off-peak periods: early January, late August and December.  Daily rentals for full production are $350.00 per date. Rates may be negotiable depending on individual needs.

Studio 3B

Size: 22′ x 17′
Rate: $25.00
Not for Profit Rate: $23.00

Studio 4A

Size: 23′ x 17′
Rate: $25.00
Not for Profit Rate: $23.00

Studio 6A

Size: 22′ x 48′
Rate: $40.00
Not for Profit Rate: $35.00

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