1.5 Year Acting Conservatory

“The Barrow Group was really the acting institution that taught me how to act. I worked with the best teachers…Lee Brock and Seth Barrish, who taught me why less is really more.”
– Anne Hathaway, Academy Award Winner

Culminates w/ Industry Showcase
Sample 1.5-Year Acting Conservatory Syllabus
Audition required: Schedule an audition
Class size limited to 18 students

The 1.5 Year Acting Program is taught by Artistic Directors, Seth Barrish and Lee Brock, and by Designated Barrow Group Acting Teachers.

The First Year begins with an emphasis on script analysis and an introduction to the tools found in “An Actors Companion”, which help an actor to find more ease, spontaneity and clarity.  The class continues with scene study, acting for the camera, Shakespeare and monologues.  At the end of each quarter, students participate in an invited showing of work.

In the Second Year students rehearse and perform in an invited Industry Showcase in December.