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TBG Productions: “Timekeepers”, “Enemy of the People”


The Barrow Group’s (TBG) mission is to share compelling stories that challenge audiences to better themselves and the world, using a unique performance style that embraces spontaneous expression and provides a transformative experience.  At TBG, we:  (1) develop and present new and innovative plays and playwrights; (2) present classic or previously produced plays making them accessible, engaging and relevant to each audience member; (3) educate artists, providing practical tools to enhance their storytelling abilities; (4) give young people the necessary life skills of communication and literacy; (5) train teachers to use tools that enhance students’ learning experiences; and (6) provide an artistic home, bridging and nurturing a community of diverse artists.

Board of Directors

·  David Diamond
·  Terrence Gray
·  Vaughn Buffalo
·  Florence Levitt

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